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Landscape DesignLandscape Lighting for the Way you Live

Discover a whole new world of elegance as hidden lights transform your outdoor setting into a nighttime panorama of unprecedented beauty.

Allow Cascade Landscape to show you what your landscape can be transformed into at night. We have a portable demonstration kit of fixtures that let us test which fixtures give us the desired effect.

Making Light of It

Imagine your beautiful daytime landscape being transformed into a glowing twilight masterpiece. Realize your full landscape investment potential with landscape illuminates.

Think of the extra benefit your property will receive when people recognize it by the visual effect it portrays at night.

Visit the Garden

The Oregon Garden in Silverton has some excellent examples of our lighting installation work. Enjoy a concert or other evening function, and as the sun drops over the coastal range watch the illumination magic happen.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the Magic...

You and your family are relaxing in your yard as evening approaches. Crickets begin their nightly concerto. Shadows shroud the lawn. The sky fades from deep blue to deeper indigo.

Then, magically, your yard becomes your own private spellbinding retreat, as hidden lights illuminate flowers and trees, casting moving shadows in the balmy evening breezes. The texture of tree bark and wall surfaces not apparent by daylight stand forth in eye-catching detail.

Soft, even pools of illumination on walkways, driveways and entrances permit safe passage. A favorite statue in the heart of your garden becomes the focus of attention, its marble surface softly translucent in the glow of invisible highlights.

Increased Security and Safety

The addition of landscape illumination does more than make your property attractive and visible, it provides an added bonus of increased security and safety; two important considerations.

Safe, economical, low voltage outdoor lighting will do what landscaping does during the day—make it comfortable, attractive and enjoyable. Not only will you and your family stroll outdoors in safety, you'll rest more easily in the knowledge that your well-lit premises will deter intruders.

Bring the outside in

Soft lighting in the landscape lends a warmth to a landscape when viewed from inside. It draws your eye and expands your living space to include the indoor and out. We have a portable demonstration kit of fixtures that let us test which fixtures give us the desired effect.

Lighting Effects (just a few)

  • Moonlighting
    By placing a fixture in a tree and aiming it downward, art imitates nature by creating the tranquil appearance of light filtering through the branches on a moonlit night.
  • Spotlighting
    Engaging architecture and statuary in and around your landscape can be spotlighted with a focused beam of light to set them off after dark.
    This approach works beautifully with the texture of stone or brick retaining walls, privacy fences, building facades, chimneys or anywhere else shadow and light may enhance the surface
    quality of masonry materials.
  • Tree Lighting
    Uplighting from the base provides an excellent way to highlight the singular beauty of your more appealing trees.
  • Silhouetting
    Trees and plants that have unique branching structures create an engaging appearance when silhouetted against the façade of a building.

Yard LightingThe Romantic Ambiance of the Nightscape...

Nothing compares to starlight and a full moon casting shadows on a beautifully landscaped area to create a romantic setting.

However, the same area sometimes becomes hidden by the darkness of night because nature cannot always be counted on to cooperate in setting the scene for romance.

This is when nightlighting can transform the darkness into a beautiful outdoor setting that you can enjoy night after night.

Low voltage nightlighting systems run on 12-14 volts and offer 3 practical advantages: safety, ease of installation and low operating costs.

The aesthetic advantages are only bound by our own imaginations. The lighting opportunities are limitless.