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Paver PatiosPaver Patios

Escape the Ordinary

The designers at Cascade Landscape Management are looking forward to helping you develop a fun and unique design for your home.

Imagine what a new paver patio would do for your outdoor living space.

  • Paving Stones
  • Flagstone
  • Stepping Stones
  • Crushed Rock and Timbers
  • Concrete Block
  • Stacked Rock
  • Wall Rock
  • Boulders

The elegant look and feel of pavers adds a touch of class and elegance to any landscape.

Creative landscape solutions are our specialty.

What are Hardscapes?

"Hardscapes" is a broad term referring to the non-living part of your landscape. The term can include many landscape accessories, like arbors, trellis and gazebos; but most often it refers to the patios, paths and walls that we often incorporate into your yard.

Why Are Hardscapes Important?

Many times, the hardscape features of a landscape design are those that establish the cohesiveness and style for the entire site. Because of their importance aesthetically, the attention to detail in the building material will also impact the overall design of your yard.

Here are just a few of the building materials cascade landscape uses to build your hardscapes:

Patios - A well designed patio will become an outdoor room of its own.

Pavers - An all time favorite of our customers. It's elegant look and feel adds a touch of class to any landscape.

Natural Stone - Gives an informal look to any space. Most of the stone available for patios is native of the Northwest. Its natural coloring and rich texture is unmatched by any other product.

Is Your Existing Patio Too Small or Breaking Apart?

Consider what a new brick patio would do for your outdoor living space. In most cases, concrete pavers can be laid right over the top of an existing paved surface, for an entirely new look.

Why Should I Use Concrete Pavers?

Consider the comparisons below:


  1. Short life - 10 years or less
  2. Low surface strength
  3. must be installed in warm, dry weather
  4. high maintenance cost
  5. repairs cause unsightly patches
  6. Plain, drab appearance

Concrete Pavers

  1. Long life - 30 years or more
  2. High surface strength
  3. Can be installed in almost any weather
  4. Virtually maintenance free
  5. Easily taken up and replaced
  6. Available in various patterns and colors

Concrete (poured)

  1. Will crack, even with expansion joints
  2. Strength usually 3000 psi or less
  3. Rigid system
  4. Removal and repair costly
  5. Plain and drab appearance
  6. Requires curing time after placement
  7. Quality depends on weather and workmanship

Concrete Pavers

  1. Does not crack
  2. Strength 8000 psi or more
  3. Flexible system
  4. Easily taken up and replaced
  5. Available in patterns and colors
  6. Immediately available for use
  7. Produced in well controlled plant conditions