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Creating Curb Appeal - COLOR! More often than not, it's a vibrant splash of color that attracts your eye the quickest. We can design a year- round color planting program to enhance your home or business.

When you professionally landscape your home everyone wins!

Landscaping seems like a personal choice to many people — something that you do simply because you'll enjoy it. There's a lot more to it than that. A well designed landscape is good for your entire community — especially when it is designed and installed by a landscape professional. Your landscape investment will pay off.

With most renovations, you spend more than you can ever recoup when it's time to sell. Not with landscaping! MONEY Magazine estimates that you can expect to recover 100-200% of your landscaping costs when you sell (compared to approximately 75% of your costs for an interior renovation). It works for Everyone...

Get to enjoy a beautifully landscaped yard

Your Neighbors:
Landscaping adds value to the entire neighborhood! Just as a neglected property brings down property values, a well-maintained landscape adds to the desirability of the area. Plus, everyone can
enjoy the natural beauty!

Your Environment:
Plants and trees absorb ozone-damaging pollutants, produce oxygen, and help keep temperatures down.

Home Buyers:
Lenders look favorably on well landscaped homes—and that's good news for your home's next owner.

Home Sellers:
Ready...set...sell! According to appraisers and realtors, a beautifully landscaped home will sell faster and for more money than its neighbors. Everyone wants to own a beautifully landscaped home. Good landscaping increases the value of your home by 15%.

Cascade Landscape Management knows that even the most beautiful home can be ruined by a poorly designed landscape. Because landscaping creates more than just beauty and ambiance; it also creates value.

Cascade Landscape designs are more than just a tree here, a flower there. Our designers and installers are careful to create complete harmony between lawn, gardens, fences, hedges, paths, lighting and sprinkler systems—a harmony that takes into account plant composition, growth, water needs, and, perhaps most importantly, your pocketbook.

Escape the Ordinary

The designers at Cascade Landscape Management are looking forward to helping you develop a fun and unique design for your home. Creative landscape solutions are our specialty. Whether your project is as small as the entry experience into your home or as large as a fully developed acreage property, our goal is to develop a design that will suit your needs.

You want a new landscape for your home or business

We can help you with the process to create a meaningful and memorable landscape. We are in the business to help you grow one of the most visible places around your home or business.