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Are your plants getting short changed?

A lack of time or long enough hose can mean some of your plants get short changed. If you're ready for an automated irrigation system, we're the experts in putting together a system that meets your needs and those of your landscape.

Only the finest quality components

Cascade Landscape Management only uses the highest quality sprinkler system components available. We are a RainBird® Select Contractor™, and prefer to use mostly RainBird® products as they are the industry leader in innovative and well developed products.

Soak those Roots!

Make sure there's enough moisture to maintain consistent growth in your landscape. Keeping your lawn and plants moist, green and healthy means that they will be better able to withstand an infestation of disease or other damaging pest.

Why should you consider a sprinkler system?

An automatic sprinkler system will keep your entire landscape growing lush and green while it saves you both time and water.

Still dragging garden hoses around the yard?

Forget the hit-or-miss watering that comes with hauling hoses and moving sprinklers. A professionally designed underground system gives your lawn and landscape the right amount of water at the right
time...automatically. Consider the freedom!

Anyone who has spent hours hauling hoses trying to water their whole lawn can appreciate the simplicity of a well-designed system that irrigates both the lawn and landscape beds automatically and untended.

There is no easier or more cost- effective way to beautify your home, increase its value and save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

What makes a good sprinkler system?

Obviously, the quality of the individual components is very important to how well the system functions. That is why Cascade Landscape Management primarily uses RainBird® irrigation parts. They have been the nation-wide industry leader for more than 50 years.

Keep in mind, however, that there's more to a good sprinkler system than just good sprinklers. System design and installation are key to how well a system performs. That's why it's important for you to have a professional irrigation contractor design and install the right system for your home.
Water!...Nothing lives without it and your Lawn really needs it.

Your lawn is between 75 and 85% water by weight. Water is the solvent by which nutrients, organic compounds and gasses enter and are moved through the plant. It protects the plants from sudden changes in temperature by its capacity for cooling, and it helps keep grass cells turgid (or rigid) which
makes the lawn more wear-tolerant.

Different Types of Sprinkler Systems:

Automatic In-Ground Systems: Make watering easier to manage and control. Once programmed they handle all of your watering needs.

Drip Systems: work well in planting beds and also conserve moisture because so little is lost to evaporation.

Hose Timers: can help when watering with a sprinkler or hose. Attached to the spigot, they can be set for the desired watering time and then automatically shut off. They don't usually have the coverage of an in-ground system and would still need to be moved from section to section in the yard.

Look for the logo:

Only a registered RainBird® Select Contractor™ may use the Select Contractor logo. It is your sign that the contractor meets the industry's highest standards. We have over 25 years of experience designing, installing and repairing irrigation systems.